Deborah Hartman

Deborah Hartman

Central Texas Regional Coordinator
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Deborah Hartman is the Central Texas Regional Coordinator for Bridges To Life, coordinating projects at the Travis County State Jail and Kyle Unit in Austin, the Lockhart Correctional Facility in Lockhart, and the Halbert Unit in Burnet. 

While working for Victim Services in Hays County, Deborah attended a conference in Houston. It was there that she was introduced to Bridges To Life. After visiting the display booth and speaking to the women at the booth, Deborah knew instantly that she wanted to be a volunteer for the program. She even won the Bridges To Life bear as a door prize and put it on her computer back at the office to remind herself of what she one day hoped to be a part of.

As a mother of two and a wife of a man permanently disabled from a DWI accident, she knew well the suffering from another’s bad decision. Unfortunately, it was her husband’s bad decision that had so adversely affected their lives. Knowing that the pain occurred on both sides and that healing was needed in every life affected, she struggled at her job that required 100% advocacy for the victims and did not provide an opportunity for offering compassion to the offender and his/her family. She understood her role but it proved to be very difficult for one knowing well the pain of “the other side.” Bridges To Life had just what she was looking for: It bridged the gap between the two sides. With love, forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit at its core, BTL has been a place of incredible healing on both sides. After volunteering as a facilitator, Deborah was asked to become a Regional Coordinator for Central Texas.