Misty Wallace

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Misty Wallace
IndianapolisRegional Coordinator
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Misty Wallace is the Indianapolis Regional Coordinator for Bridges To Life, coordinating projects at Miami Correctional FacilityPlainfield Correctional FacilityIndiana Women's Prison, Geo Heritage Trail Correctional Facility and Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility in Indiana. She was a Medical Assistant in Indianapolis for 18 years prior to coming on board with BTL.

In 2011, Misty volunteered for her first Bridges To Life project at the Miami Correctional Facility in Bunker Hill, Indiana, where she started telling her story. On October 18, 1992, she was shot in the face point blank and left for dead as she was being robbed of her vehicle. Misty had many years of anger, hate, and bitterness. After her offender was released from prison, she made contact with him years later on Facebook. Misty believed her offender was sincere when he asked for her forgiveness and now they travel the country together sharing their powerful story.

As a victim, BTL changed her life. It helped her heal and find closure to a horrible crime and she hopes to help change someone else's life with this program.