Why BTL?

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The impact of crime on society cannot be overstated.

Crime directly impacts its victims. Did you know:

Crime affects our community. Did you know:

Incarceration and Recidivism* Rates of Offenders Impact Us All. Did you know:


The Youth in our Juvenile Justice System Need our Help. Did you know?


*An offender is considered to have recidivated if, after release from prison, he/she commits a new crime or violates the term of his/her parole within 3 years and is re-incarcerated.

Is a program that reduces recidivism cost effective?


BTL can be considered what is now termed a “justice reinvestment” program, since the BTL program uses “data-driven, fiscally responsible policies and practices to increase public safety and reduce recidivism and corrections spending.” (The Council of State Governments, The Pew Center on the States, and the Public Welfare Foundation, 2010).