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Excerpt from Chapter 11, Restoring Peace

Many people ask, “What is reconciliation?”

“Reconciliation means different things in different situations. We most often think of it as the coming together of two people, perhaps two who have been estranged. But reconciliation means more and can address all sorts of differences between people, within yourself, and between you and God. It can mean restoring an estranged relationship, but can also mean settling a quarrel or difference, reaching an agreement, changing conflict into peaceful coexistence, winning over to friendliness, or reestablishing a loving, intimate relationship.”

“The Bridges To Life experience respects the importance of all four contexts for confession. Restoring Peace will take the same approach, and each is discussed in the sections that follow.”


Read more about Restoring Peace, the book used in the Bridges to Life curriculum.

Excerpts from the book include:

Seeing confession as the first step toward restitution.

A discussion of the importance of repentance.

A discussion of the importance of forgiveness.

Seeing how reconciliation precedes restitution.

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