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Excerpt from Chapter 6, Restoring Peace

Restoring Peace addresses the sometimes difficult questions about cause, effect, and responsibility.

"Responsibility is about cause and effect, and involves behavior and its consequences. Cause is the reason something happens. Effect—also called consequence—is the result. If a person is a cause of conflict, hurt, or a problem, he is responsible for it. Deciding who is responsible or what consequences they are responsible for often isn’t easy, however. Many situations involve a number of actions and interactions that make assigning responsibility confusing."

“Answering such questions and deciding who is responsible for what in confusing situations requires a discussion of cause and effect. We often think of cause and effect (or consequence) as a very simple process, where x causes y, which in turn causes z, and so on. But life is not so simple, and cause-effect relationships are usually messy, circular, and often not at all clear"

Restoring Peace explores four reasons why these cause and effect relationships are not always as cut and dry as they seem.


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Excerpts from the book include:

Seeing confession as the first step toward restitution.

A discussion of the importance of repentance.

A discussion of the importance of forgiveness.

Seeing how reconciliation precedes restitution.

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