Tac Buchanan

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Tac Buchanan
Texas Panhandle Regional Coordinator

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Tac Buchanan is the Texas Panhandle Regional Coordinator for Bridges To Life, coordinating projects at the Clements Unit, the Neal Unit, and Randall County Jail in Amarillo, Tulia Transfer Facility in Tulia, and the Jordan Unit in Pampa.

In 1998, Tac lost his wife to a terrible crime. While he was at work, his home was invaded by a man who strangled then raped his wife. Trying to cover his tracks, the man burned their home. At the time, Tac did not have a relationship with Jesus; therefore, he found solace in alcohol and drugs, and ended up in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) as an offender. Through the unconditional love of a TDCJ Chaplain, Tac was patiently ushered into a personal relationship with Jesus.Through the love of Christ, he was able to forgive the offender that murdered his wife.

After his release from TDCJ, Tac began serving as a volunteer Chaplain for the Randall County Jail and counseling with offenders upon their release. During one such counseling session, Tac was told about the Bridges To Life program by a young man who had been through the program. Mr. Buchanan believes that day was a divine appointment for him to hear about BTL. He got in touch with John Sage, and after learning that they had similar stories and experienced God’s healing through forgiveness, a friendship was born and Tac began coordinating the Clements project.