Restoring Peace Book

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"A boobookk that lays out a spiritual journey for us all to take.  I hope it spreads like wildfire across this country."

Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ
Author of "Dead Man Walking"

“A marvelous book about how to really restore any broken relationship.”

Carol Vance, former Chairman of the Board
Texas Department of Criminal Justice; author of "After the Leap"

“A theologically sound book and a practical method for reconciling our personal relationships.”

Sam Todd, Episcopal priest and author of "An Introduction to Christianity: A first–millennium foundation for third-millennium thinkers"


ISBN 1-4120-3936-3
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Victims of serious crime—abuse, assault, burglary, rape, murder—are engaging in a process of peace and reconciliation with Texas prison inmates who perpetrated similar crimes against others. Restoring Peace will teach you how to use this successful process to build peace with those you have hurt or who have hurt you. It builds on the power of faith and stories to help you deal effectively with responsibility, accountability, confession, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restitution.


This unique book uses stories from the Bible, victims, and inmates to answer tough life questions and present a faith based journey that will be invaluable to: